Increasing opportunities for artists as innovators, unleashing more capital for creativity, and enabling sustainable creative lives.

Healthier eating, stronger communities, a better criminal justice system, a more resilient environment.  These are just some of the issues our artists are working on.  

Social entrepreneurs are working on these issues too, often with funding from impact investors. They have built a system of products, networks, and markets to scale social innovation.  

What’s missing? New creative solutions, more collaborative methods, different ways to prototype and test, better ways to share stories of change, alternative imaginings of what the future can be.

Upstart Co-Lab is a national collaboration connecting artists with social entrepreneurs, impact investors, social enterprises, and sustainable companies. We nurture connections, align systems, and jump-start solutions.

The impact will be unstoppable.


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Philanthropy and the Social Economy: Blueprint 2016

See page seven of Blueprint 2016. After talking with Upstart Co-Lab founding partner Laura Callanan, social innovation leader Lucy Bernholz highlights Sustainable Creative Lives as one of the most important themes for 2016 in her annual industry forecast

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